TBT 2: Two more covers I drew that are my personal favs for a couple of reasons. One: These were my first JLA covers drawn with the original JLAers. Two: The great Gil Kane inspired my concept and it was magnificently inked by Dick Giordano. This was my dream finally realized. 

Course, there was some controversy that came with this particular series---because we choose to show for the very first time, a "brutalized and bloodied" JLA on the cover and in the interior story as well. The then editor wasn't a fan of this and wanted to tone it down but I believe Senior Editor Len Wein overrode that decision and pushed 'em thru as is. And so it goes.

My first convention signing in a very LOOoooong time and I'm really looking forward to it! 
This has always been a fun local con that's a lot less crowded but more intimate after the big San Diego Con.
I'll be doing sketches there to all comers and open to larger commissions later.
Drop on by and say hi if you're in the area.

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    And I did....and more. When that part of my life ended, I stepped into another role as a development artist and director for animated shows. 

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